Task Force 1-28 IN Change of Command

Task Force 1st Battalion 28th Infantry Regiment held its historic first change of command ceremony to welcome LTC David Conner on 25 May 2017. LTC Conner is the second Commander for the Task Force, which stood up on 16 December 2015.

The Task force bid farewell to LTC Fred Tanner. LTC Tanner commanded the Task Force since its inception as 1st Battalion 15th Infantry Regiment. His leadership ensured the smooth deactivation and transitioning of 3rd Brigade, 3rd Infantry Division into the Combined Arms Task Force.

LTC Conner passed the Task Force Colors to CSM Erickson during the change of command ceremony.

LTC Tanner will move on to fill a much needed role in Afghanistan to further assist the stabilization of the country.

LTC Conner takes command of the Task Force near the culmination of a successful annual training cycle. The Task Force has executed Combined Arms Platoon and Company Live Fires, and a Task Force Situational Tactical Exercise event.

The training cycle will culminate with a division field training exercise at Ft. Stewart conducted jointly with the 48th IBCT. This exercise will be the Task Force’s second participation in a Division-led, brigade-focused event.

LTC Conner comes to the Task Force from Vanderbilt University where he completed his doctoral studies in Political Science. He is part of the Army’s new Advanced Military Studies Strategic Planning and Policy Program designed to help increase the civilian education and strategic prowess of senior officers.

Task Force 1-28 IN Ball – 03MAR2016

The Task Force Formal Ball is right around the corner!  Tickets will be on sale January 3rd through February 3rd.

The ball will take place on March 3rd, 2017 at the Columbus Trade and Convention Center in Columbus, GA.

There are several resources to help you attend the ball including child care services, gown swap, etiquette classes, and hotel accomodations.

Choose your company below and then purchase tickets according to your pay grade.  If bringing a date, you must purchase two tickets according to your paygrade!

Task Force 1-28 IN Participates in Marne Week